Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Who the F*** does Bieber think he is? The little prick.

This is not a band-wagon jumping blog post, but rather an annoyed parent pissed off at spending £300 quid on a ticket for a sub-standard event by a petulant teenager.

Bearing in mind that Jason Bieber is little more than children's entertainer, much like a clown or a Punch and Judy man, why does he think that he can act like a genuine celebrity and come and go on his own schedule. As much as it is a cliche, without his fans he is nothing, as most of them (if not all) are young girls under fifteen he cannot be so thick to not realise that his appearance at the O2 last night (4th March 2013) was not only on a school night but also that a large number of the expectant crowd had to travel some distance. This little idiot threw a tantrum earlier in the week when a night club wouldn't break the law for him so maybe this is pathetic attempt to 'show them' by being late on stage.

I don't doubt that the selfish little oompah-loompah has a modicum of talent in his own 'famous for five minutes' little way, but, in as much the same way as a Big Brother winner has a few days of fame before appearing in Celebrity Big Brother then fading into obscurity, Bieber must realise that without keeping his fans happy their blind adoration will evaporate very quickly so he has to make the most of his hour in the sun.

My neighbour's daughter travelled from Gosport to the concert but had to leave at 2230 in order to catch the last train, Bieber came on stage at 2220. This story is typical of many who attended.

Get a grip on any personal issues young man and do your job!!!

Rant over, Merry Christmas ;-)