Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Forging ahead

OK, I am no longer feeling sorry for myself, although I may be. Without the negativity from me, or indeed from anyone else, my approach has been so much more positive today. Work is an arse, as usual, but the hope and promise that I can make a difference is still there.

I realise that this ridiculous statement sounds like a cliched teenage hopeful stab at life, but, to be honest,  that's where it originates. Plans have been made and I honestly think that this is for the best. Will and I are more than likely heading North to the Shetlands for a few days, we will have a go at snorkelling and similar. In August, the main body of the family, perhaps short of a Beth or two, will travel back to France and see to the family homestead.

Once again, I would wish to say more but cannot.


More later. And more about,: swimming, driving and horse riding.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Don't really feel like blogging tonight

My blog yesterday was intended to explain my intended future plans but as I didn't end up finishing the thing I posted anyway with the aim to complete the text today. This morning however a few things happened that ensured that any motivation I may have had lurking in reserve faded like morning mist. First of all the text and synopsis of 'The Sausage Trail' I submitted to a few agents was categorically brushed aside, with the added advice that I continue blogging and maybe, in time, self-publish when I had an audience. Fair enough, I realise that any agent view submitted work entirely on commercial considerations and as such a no-name writer pushing a rather off-kilter idea is more than a little risky. Still, it's only the opinion and view of one, and I must say very helpful and honest, agent. I realise now that it is probably better to pitch an idea prior to committing and, more importantly, paying for it.

The second, rather depressing, thing that happened today was that the situation with the boys came to a head. It's decision time for Sam and Will, I hope that they make the right decision.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Sausage Trail, next year and beyond

After the contact from the C4 production team concerning my need to challenge myself and the subsequent phone call and interview, I began to question my motives and goals. It does sometimes take an outsider to make you realise that your ideals are a bit mental.

That said, I still aim to forge ahead and attempt to achieve, achieve what? That was the main question from Lisa, the production researcher. Why do I drive myself in the way I do? What am I doing and what am I planning to do?

There's no point in going over past events, successes or failures, as I feel that they are covered in previous posts so I will focus on the current, and future, aims, goals and plans.

Next year was planned to see Will and I travelling to Mongolia on a pair or Honda Cub 90 step-throughs. This was taken back a year from this summer due to the difficulties experienced in getting Will his visas across central Asia, mainly the 'Stans, before he was 18years old. I accepted and understood this and moved onto a different plan. Slipping plans by a year or even a few months upsets me, but sometimes it is not only inevitable but necessary and often leads to a more comfortable itinerary.

I like to think of myself as an adventurous individual and as such try to challenge myself as often as I can. With this in mind I sign up to as many organised challenges as I feel is appropriate, but, and this is the crux, I often fail to deliver. This is often down to external influences, but, once again this is important, I really want to complete these tasks, often for charity. This has made me realise that I need to not only prioritise, but also to cherry pick the right events and excursions.

This year I am, of course. concentrating on the book, 'The Sausage Trail', but what next?

Well, next year Will and I are signed up for the trek to Everest base camp. I know that this is a little over-subscribed and has very little kudos and impact but it is a great place for Will to begin his in rush to the charity world and to hopefully broaden his horizons.

The England vs Italy game is beginning so I will finish later...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Places wot I nevver visitid

Spelling aside, the title is definitely worth attention. When I initially thought about 'The Sausage Trail', the locations and events I considered, seemed logical, sensible and realistic. Now that I have actually embarked on the porky sojourn the original plans have shifted and changed drastically. There have been many countries that I would have wanted to visit but without the right background, knowledge, research or motivation there was very little chance that would happen. The initial idea was that I would be attending an event or festival or at least once a month, at the time of planning this seemed achievable and simple. After the first couple of trips, however it became evident that my initial idea and itinerary was not realistic at all. Not only would I not be able to visit the events and countries I had planned to but any additional, extra dates and venues would also not be possible.

It appears, that a second round of 'The Sausage Trail' is required to take in those places I missed in my first attempt. Places like: Poland, Norway, Iceland, Canada, South Africa, and that's without looking to the far east.

Sausage Trail II is already in the planning stage.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Rain, rash and reading

It looks as though this weekend is going to be a washout, again. The Isle of Wight festival looms and Stokes Bay is beginning to fill up with tents and tents and tents. The rain will come and Gosport will be full of miserable festival attendees, 'kin great. It also means that there will be little cheer in staying at home watching the rain stream down the windows as I finish my accounts, sounds great.

It's not as though I could even go for a walk as my bits and pieces are pretty scarred and painful following the walk last Saturday. In fact the rather unsightly welts require frequent attention, my extreme nappy rash has been plastered with Sudocrem (sp?) and I now feel a little more comfortable.

I have just finished reading Mark Chopper Read's book, 'Road to Nowhere', and loved it. Whatever the opinion of critics and the morally judgmental I honestly believe that it has a spark of genius, a sight of the future. Let me explain. I honestly believe that in this technologically aware age there is no excuse for not recording our experiences. Chopper has written a number of semi-autobiographical books which  focus on a world of which many of us have no idea.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rain, sausages and racing

Yesterday was the sausage festival at Royal Windsor racecourse. I had looked forward to this for some time and was going to include this in the UK chapter of the book. I still am but the event was in some ways disappointing.

Flood warnings and constant rain saw me checking the racecourse website several times throughout the day, I suppose I was hoping that the meeting would be cancelled as the weather was that bad. There was no such update, however, so immediately following a dental appointment I set off for Windsor to meet up with my old mate Briggsy.

The route was difficult with much surface water and spray on the motorway. My new mobile based sat-nav app led me through the back-streets of Windsor to eventually see me at a dead end facing a village green. Abandoning the technology I trusted my instincts, five minutes later I was parked up at the free public car park (having lost my paid ticket for the site closer to the course).

After meeting up with Briggsy and entering the paddock area it became evident, a sign was posted in the middle of the field, that half of the sausage suppliers would not be attending. Arse.

We watched England and France, what a disappointing match and I had a successful flutter. Then we left.

The UK section is now a little light, I have the River Cottage chapter and my sausage making chapter is yet to come but I am missing a good old British banger festival. This will be rectified.