Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow, sausages and Chat magazine

Unbelievable. A couple of hours of snow and subsequent light dusting of Gods dandruff leads our intrepid nation to grind to a halt. Perhaps the mothers with 4 x 4 SUVs, purchased for the short school run, are actually justified in their approach, or perhaps not. Every year, in fact every time the weather yields anything other than perfect blue skies and a temperature of between 15 and 16 degrees Celsius, results in carnage on the road, rails and in the skies. Such as this photo of Asda car park yesterday afternoon.

First a quick note on the whole truck thing for the school run, as it really grips my colonic output. The standard school structure is one of multiple infant/primary/junior schools feeding their annual cohort into a smaller number of senior schools. Looking at the size of the catchment area of the schools for the younger kids shows a radius of a few hundred metres on average, this is obviously more pertinent for areas with more dense residential districts so I will use Gosport as an example.

There are at least four infant/primary schools within walking distance of my house, that would be a radius of around half a mile. Yet, every morning the roads choke with parents driving their precious packages to school. There are always exceptions, but most of these lazy idiots can't have more than two or three hundred yards to travel. I constantly argue with Emma on this, this came to point when I downright refused to drive to an assembly at the Junior school for Eddy. My dad relented and drove, I walked, guess who arrived first? I took this picture in the summer of a particularly belligerent mum who was a tad late (I didn't really).

Back to the public transport system. It can hardly be a surprise that at certain times every year the temperature drops and the nature of the precipitation alters into a more solid aspect. We call this Winter and as far as I can tell from my research it has been occurring on a rather regular basis since at lest 1974, it may have happened before this but records are hard to interpret. Most countries with a recurring weather problem tend to plan ahead, so why are we, as a nation fail miserably in this respect. Gritting in advance, around August, would make sense, as would defrosting the railway tracks with some sort of hovering remote controlled laser car, I can't remember if I saw this on telly or dreamt it, it could be both. The moment the Daily Fail reports yet another 'Big Freeze' the public transport, but it's not is it. Perhaps that's the issue, public transport run by private companies, why should they spend any money on upgrading their services for inclement weather conditions? We're used to it. We'll complain but do 'k all about it. Tossers.

Predictably I failed to get much writing done this weekend spending the time instead doing very little and trying to chill out but life conspires against me, forcing the use of cliches and popular soundbites. I shall endeavour to write more next week but another job change looms as does a number of other changes.

On a more positive note, about the only one I have to cling to at the moment, I received a call from Chat magazine for the read back of my article appearing on the 21st February. We took the call in the car, on hands free, so that Emma could listen. On the whole it was well written and sensitively approached, although I doubt that I have ever been bored or indeed watched TV or washed the dishes. Still, it was wonderful to be considered important enough to warrant inclusion in a National magazine.

More tomorrow as this may prove to be a rather busy week.

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