Monday, 2 December 2013

December again, how the f*** did that happen?

Once again yet another holiday season is upon us, all tho soon and once again finding me completely unprepared.

In the run up to Christmas I find myself in a rather different position than I did last year. The old Gledson homestead in French France is signed over tomorrow and my dad returns shortly afterwards to take up residence in our tin box for a few weeks before embarking on a search for a new home. Kirsty, Will's other half, is now living with us full time.Also the new addition, Fiona, is very small one and has carved a niche for herself that bothers no-one and, of course, we have the usual crowd. Bearing in mind our house can support five out of the six of our usual contingent at any one time Christmas day began to look a little awkward. Google to the rescue: It appears that Gosport has a great many large, opulent, holiday quarters, many at the newly converted Clarence Yard. So, that's what I did. I booked an 8 berth apartment for the Christmas period.

At least we will have a base, walking distance from the house and office, to have Christmas dinner and free up space for us all. The only rules will be, no TV, no news, no football and above all NO JUSTIN 'KIN BIEBER!!

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