Friday, 21 June 2013

Head above water? Oh yes...

Another week has gone by and I’m still ploughing ahead, indeed we have more team members working on this at 100%.

I remember a few years ago, more than a few, when I was still in the Navy. I, for some reason, unfortunately, seemed to attract rather active action stations on my ships and the time I spent on The Cumberland was no different. As a member of the aft DC party (Damage Control for the uninitiated) I was expected to await incidents where we would be required to respond immediately to extinguish fire, staunch floods, re-run cables and generally stop the ship form succumbing to the relentless attacks of a nefarious foe. On the whole this was rather tame, except from the time at Portland when the Green filth (FOST tossers) would throw thunder flashes and smoke grenades around like a cheap Janner wedding. Occasionally we would be required to visit the DRIU (Damage Repair Instruction Unit) at HMS Raleigh. This was a magnificent piece of machinery which replicated a large portion of a Naval ship complete with mess-decks, machinery spaces, galley and electrical supplies but was used to test the abilities of the DC units. To this end they could simulate a number of ways with which the unit could be struck and start to fill with water...don’t worry I am going somewhere with this.

In order to ensure that all were instructed, and understood the significance of all elements of damage control, the command of the sections were rotated and not the exclusive remit of the officers. On one particular occasion the command of an engine/machinery space was left to me. There is never a positive outcome when the action starts leaving the only question of, what point does the team commander give up on his task. I guess that you can see the analogy now. On that occasion I stayed until I was the last man in the compartment, evacuating my team and leaving only when I had no room to breathe. I’m not there yet, but, the point at which the decision is made to abandon the task is foremost in my mind.

There is a meeting with our supplier on Monday at which our position will be made clear and the support we require will either be accepted or not. If not, then we will be forced to take our hard work elsewhere, to another potentially more accommodating supplier.

We have a great deal of potential, hearing from one of our IT consultant advisors in South Africa a few minutes ago has only added to this.

Another a big push from early next week.

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